London City Airport to reopen 21 June

There are six major airports in London (can you name them all?), and since the lockdown, most are starting to open. With the lockdown easing, and countries starting to open up, most airports seem to be on the road to welcoming passengers again. Recently, London Gatwick has reopened the North Terminal – actually much quicker than we anticipated. From this Sunday, London City Airport will start passenger flights but only to the British Isles, starting with the Isle of Man. Links to Scotland, northern England and Dublin will open next month. You can book tickets to Spain or Italy with British Airways, but there’s no signs of when these flights will resume.

In a survey conducted by the airport with over 4,7000 customers, it found that:
• 79% were either very likely or quite likely to travel when they are told it is safe to do so by the Government and airports or airlines – almost half of the customers (48%) were very likely to do so

42% of the airport’s customers plan to travel for leisure within the next three months – good news but perhaps not too surprising with summer holidays looming large after many weeks spent stuck at home

41% of City’s flyers anticipate they will take a flight for business within the next three months – contradicting claims that business travel is over

London City Airport is one of the most convenient airports in the city, especially if you’re based in and around the East, North East or South East of London. Although mainly a “business” traveller airport, there are flights that fly to popular cities in Spain, Greece and Italy. It’s a small airport, and you can easily go from landing to catching a taxi home in less than 10 minutes. We tend to fly from the airport for business, however, last summer we flew with British Airways Business Class from Ibiza that arrived into London City Airport.

Are you planning on flying anywhere in the near future? Where will you fly to?

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