London to USA First Class £1,593 return

British Airways have another luxury sale running, with some very attractive prices. If you’re willing to take a gamble on travel being back on the menu in spring 2021, you can fly BA First to the USA from £1,593 return. If you’re keen to try BA’s new Club Suites, their brand new 787-10 is currently showing on the Heathrow to Seattle Tacoma route.


Return prices in first class from London

  • Austin £1,794
  • Boston £1,789
  • Chicago: £1,789
  • New York £1,593
  • Philadelphia £1,794
  • Seattle £1,789
  • Toronto £1,693

Return prices in business class (Club World) from London

  • Austin £1,391
  • Denver £1,391
  • Los Angeles £1,593
  • New York £1,186
  • Philadelphia £1,249
  • Phoenix £1,491
  • San Diego £1,491
  • San Jose £1,491
  • Seattle £1,382
  • Tampa £1,566
  • Toronto £1,273

The Catch

These tickets are reasonably flexible, although changes and cancellations come at a penalty. That aside, there’s not much to dislike about first class fares to the US East Coast for under £1,600 and to the West Coast for under £1,800.

Travel between the UK and USA is currently heavily restricted. Journeys for the purposes of tourism are not currently permitted in either direction. This policy may change in the longer term, but is likely to remain unchanged for the foreseeable future. We have a post where you can keep an eye on the travel restrictions between the UK and popular destinations. If you’re traveling for a reason that will permit you entry to the USA, this deal is worth taking a look.

BA are no longer flying the 747, which featured heavily on the transatlantic routes. Most flights appear to be operated by 777 aircraft, but keep your eye open for any routes operating the 787 – you’ll get an updated seat in First and a far quieter cabin in business.

One benefit with all of these flights is that they operate direct and non-stop from London. No worries over transit stops in a third country and the associated quarantine restrictions.

Travel Dates

There is good availability on most routes between February and September 2021.

Small Print

  • Departure points: London
  • Book by: 3 November 2020
  • Travel until: 30 September 2021
  • Minimum stay: 1 day, to include a Sunday night.
  • Weekend departures: No.
  • Sectors: 1 each way
  • Booking class: A
  • Stopovers: Not Permitted.
  • Frequent flyer points accrual: Yes. 250% miles flown.
  • Refundable: Yes – £150 fee.
  • Changes after booking: Yes – £300 fee.

How to Book

Use Google Flights calendar feature to find the cheap travel dates. Handily, you can then complete the booking directly through Google (read more about how that works here).

BA First to New York

Where to credit the Points?

As a high points-earning revenue fare, we’d recommend crediting them to BA Executive Club.

BG1 Verdict

If you’re willing to take a gamble on travel restrictions being lifted by your travel date, we think these are great prices. On price alone, this luxury sale is BUY. We will, however, exercise caution on prospective tourist travel to the USA until case numbers drop on both sides of the the Atlantic.

BG1 Tip

BA operates multiple daily flights to US destinations. Always check the aircraft type on each available flight to see if it’s operated by a new 787-10 or A350 aircraft. If you’re in First, you’ll get the newer First seat with the larger, fixed screen. If you’re in business, you’ll get the amazing Club Suite rather than the dates Club World sleeper seat.

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