Ibiza Airport VIP Lounge Review

Ibiza Airport is a small international airport in the Balearic Island of Ibiza. The airport has flights to domestic airports all year round. For international flights, these are seasonable, and only take place over the summer period. About 8 million passengers use the airport yearly, and the number of passengers using the airport has been growing steadily over the years due to the popularity of the island during the summer months.

To account for the growing number of passengers, the airport has expanded progressively and seen incremental improvements to cope with the growing number of tourists visiting the island. A couple of years ago, the airport opened the Sala Lounge Cap Des Falcó VIP Ibiza airport lounge, serving Business class passengers and people with Priority Passes. We’ve been to the airport multiple times, but this is the first time using the lounge since it opened.

If you don’t have a Priority Pass or travelling in Economy class, and would like to use the lounge it will cost you €33.90 per person. Children from 6 to 10 years will have to pay €15.60. So, is it a good value for money and is it worth paying?

We recently reviewed the SALA VIP lounge in Malaga owned by the same group, which was spacious but there wasn’t anything special about it.

Image of the entrance to the VIP lounge at Ibiza Airport
The entrance to the VIP lounge at Ibiza Airport

WiFi access and other facilities

WiFi access is free and unlimited. The speed was OK for surfing the internet but not enough for streaming or downloading movies. If you’ve just been to the beach and expect to have a shower before your flight, it’s important to note that there are no shower facilities at the airport.

Sala Lounge Cap Des Falcó, Ibiza Airport

The airport lounge is located near gate 1, which is on the right-hand side after security. Measuring just 190m2 it has a capacity for 40 people. In the airport lounge, there are dining tables and sofa area. However, when we got there, nearly all the sofas were taken and had no choice but to sit on one of the dining tables. Even though the lounge was tiny, the tables weren’t cleaned or tidied. So we had to clear the tables ourselves.

Food and drinks

Food, snacks, a selection of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, were available. Everything is self-service, with small selection wines and beer available. There are a couple of spirits on offer but nothing to shout about. The drink selection is poor so don’t expect to have a party! While there was a token spirits selection, many of the vital ingredients for a Bloody Mary were missing, so the lounge fails our Bloody Mary Challenge.

Don’t expect gourmet food at the lounge. With salad boxes and questionable snacks on offer, you’re better off getting a sandwich from the main departure area. Importantly, don’t expect to go there to be fed for lunch or dinner as you’ll leave hungry. The food is unappetising and the choice is poor. The airport lounge also does not serve any hot food, so don’t be fooled by the hot warmer on display. It did, however, have a microwave, so no worries if you brought your own food to heat up!

BG1 Verdict 

If you are expecting to have something to eat at the airport lounge… make sure you eat before you arrive. The food is uninspiring and not great. We opted to walk to Burger King instead to get a some food before we got on the plane. If you are expecting to have a couple of nice glasses of wine… don’t bother, as the selection is poor!

Is it worth paying to use the lounge? Is it a good value for money? No! Unless you want to leave hungry, we would recommend spending your money in restaurants outside instead!

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