Deal: Cape Town Business Class £1,197/€1,375

There’s wide-open availability to fly to from Europe to Cape Town in business class throughout 2020. The best bit is you can choose between KLM, British Airways, or Qatar Airways! Given the flexibility with dates/routes/carrier, it should be easy to bag a bargain to the beautiful Western Cape.

Get 560 Tier Points Flying Qatar

If you decide to fly Qatar Airways via Doha, you’ll be taking 4 flights that bag 140 BA tier points each. When you return home, you’ll have earned a total of 560 tier points, which is almost enough to reach BA Exec Club Silver status. We’ve written a BA Silver Status post that’ll explain how to get those 40 extra tier points without too much additional expense.


Return prices in business class from Oslo

  • Cape Town

The Catch

You’ll need to get yourself to Oslo to start your journey. There are plenty of cheap options to do this from many cities across Europe. Don’t expect to pay more than €150 in economy. In many cases, you should be able to use frequent flyer miles to get yourself a redemption.

Travel Dates

There is very good availability on all three between May 2020 and 30 January 2021.

Small Print

KLM via Amsterdam

  • Departure points: Oslo
  • Book by: 19 March 2020
  • Travel until: 30 November 2020
  • Minimum stay: 3 nights – must stay Sunday
  • Weekend departures: Yes – limited Saturdays
  • Sectors: 2 each way
  • Booking class: O
  • Stopovers: 1 permitted each way at €75 each.
  • Frequent flyer points accrual: Yes. 4 miles per Euro spent (a measly 5,000)
  • Refundable: No
  • Changes after booking: No.

British Airways via London

  • Departure points: Oslo
  • Book by: 15 March 2020
  • Travel until: 11 December 2020
  • Minimum stay: Sunday night
  • Weekend departures: Yes
  • Sectors: 2 each way
  • Booking class: I
  • Stopovers: Not Permitted.
  • Frequent flyer points accrual: Yes. 150% miles flown (24,000 round-trip)
  • Refundable: No
  • Changes after booking: Yes – €300 fee.

Qatar Airways via Doha

  • Departure points: Oslo
  • Book by: 31 March 2020
  • Travel until: 01 February 2021
  • Minimum stay: 5 nights
  • Weekend departures: Yes
  • Sectors: 2 each way
  • Booking class: R
  • Stopovers: Permitted. 2 free.
  • Frequent flyer points accrual: Yes. 125% miles flown (19,200 round-trip)
  • Refundable: Yes – $675 fee.
  • Changes after booking: Yes – $345 fee.

How to Book

Use Google Flights calendar feature to find the cheap travel dates. Handily, you can then complete the booking directly through Google (read more about how that works here).

Where to credit the Points?

We’d credit KLM miles to either Flying Blue or Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

We’d credit British Airways and Qatar Airways miles to the British Airways Executive Club.

BG1 Verdict

Given the price is under our preferred £50 (€58) per flying hour, we think these Cape Town business class deals are a BUY. Out of the three, we’d book Qatar Airways first, then BA, and finally the KLM fare.

BG1 Tip

While it’s the height of winter in Cape Town in August, the sea can be at its warmest. Melted icy water flows up from the southern ocean in the summer, chilling the seas around Cape Town. In the winter, this icy flow stops. Surfers and divers can feel the difference!

The cancellation/change policies on these tickets are quite restrictive, so check your travel insurance covers you for cancellation.

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