EasyJet U-turn on cabin bag charge policy

EasyJet have changed their cabin bag charge policy for storing bags in overhead lockers. In February 2021, EasyJet introduced sweeping changes to its cabin bag policies that meant many passengers simply wouldn’t be allowed a carry-on bag. They changed the policy in less than nine months, suggesting a backlash from passengers.

How it was

EasyJet’s policy through most of 2021 was that customers who booked an Up front or Extra legroom seat could also bring on board a large cabin bag and put it in the overhead bins. Everyone else could bring a small bag that fitted under the seat in front. No use of the overhead bins was allowed.

The majority of seats towards the rear of an EasyJet flight aren’t up front or extra legroom seats. Passengers in standard seats travelling with a regular-sized carry-on suitcase had to check their bag into the hold. Checked bags on EasyJet flights cost £35 per 15kg bag, per flight.

The U-turn

EasyJet announced changes to its cabin bag charges would take effect from 1st November 2021. Passengers without an Up front or Extra legroom seat can pay to bring a larger cabin bag onboard. The price will vary with demand and be anywhere between £5.99 and £32.99.

EasyJet say small bags (45 x 36 x 20 cm) that fit under the seat in front can still be brought on free of charge.

Passengers on Up front or Extra legroom tickets will continue to have a larger cabin bag included.

BG1 Verdict

EasyJet cabin bag charge changes further complicate the booking process, but provides more flexibility to travellers on all ticket classes.

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